Welcome to our campaign home page.

An attempt to play a game of DnD with players in far flung locations. I will be posting stuff here as a goto spot for now.

Build a first level character using the players hand book for fifth edition. Send me a copy when you have it finished. I (or anyone in the hangout) can provide assistance or answer questions.

The seas were rough and the trip long, but the first view of the Isle of Greescant was worth it. Verdant forests on high bluffs look down on ships traveling to and from. The island is known for its fey inspired artisans. Legend has it the island might actually have a connection to the fey wild.

You now stand in the harbor of Mando Port, on the Isle of Greescant. A small town that serves as little more than a layover for larger shipping routes, it is largely taverns and warehouses. A man stands where the dock meets the city handing out fliers with a man’s face on them. “Adventurers wanted!” the age old call to arms for your people, written across the top.

Adventures in Online Storytelling